FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How did you pick the date?
A.  April 17th is the last day of National Library Week.  Originally, we were simply looking for an end-of-the-celebration activity for our school, but we quickly realized it could (and needed to) become much, much more. We decided to make Freeze-n-Read a Saturday event so that more people could participate, and students could participate in a public place if they desired to do that.

Q. Can I (we) participate at another time?  I am a teacher, and I would like to do this with my class during school hours for National Library Week.
A.  Of course!  Perhaps your students will also decide to Freeze-n-Read with their family and friends on Saturday!

Q.  Is there a specific length of time we are suppose to read?
A.  We think the length of time should be determined by your circumstances.  We only ask that you read for at least four minutes, but we think most people will read longer than that.  Blog and let us know what you do!

Q.   Do we have to vote?
A.  No, but we are hoping thousands (or millions) of people worldwide will participate and this is the only way we will know.  You can also instantly see the results of the poll which we think will be an encouragement to you, too.  The results should also send a message to decision makers who are deciding the fate of libraries and library personnel. 

Q.  When we freeze, do we have to remain perfectly still?
A.  No, but it might be more fun!  (Except for your eyes moving back and forth and your hand turning the pages, of course!)