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There are many ways you can get involved to help save libraries!


ALA Snapshot Day

Prove the value of your library to decision-makers and increase public awareness. Share a day in the life of your library!

ALA Legislative Action Center

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 to contact your legislators about pending library legislation!

i love

American Library Association's (ALA's) website for the public, designed to keep America informed about what's happening in today's libraries!  Follow them on Facebook, too!

A Nation Without School Librarians
Contribute your story!

"This map marks the cities, towns, communities, and states that have made the decision to either eliminate certified school library positions (indicated in blue) or require one school librarian to work with two (2) or more school library programs throughout the week (indicated in red)."

the European and International Organisations ENSIL, IASL and IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centres

The official proclamation in English
Downloadable word version of the proclamation 
"This proclamation can be used by individuals as well as organisations. We kindly suggest to translate the document in your national or even regional language and send it to as many school leaders, administrators, politicians and decision makers as possible. Mount it on your website, post in your blog, use twitter, list serves and social networks to disseminate the document and make it work!"

AASL's 2010 "School Libraries Count!" survey

Encourage librarians
from all K-12 schools,
both public and private,
to participate in this important survey!

Connecting to Collections
A Call to Action

"America’s collections are for everyone. 
They are discovered billions of times a year in libraries and museums across the country. 
They enlighten and inspire all of us. Yet they are at risk."